University Hall, Buckland
(Updated February 2010)
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Buckland Marriages
Jenny Spears and Guy Smith
Mary D'Souza and Howard Barlow
Lorna Harrison and Jim Grimes
Carola Bradfield and David Garvie
Ruth Aspland and Eric Hill
Chris Lugg and Chris Hill
Val Bache and David Philips
Liz Colquhoun and Tommy Robertson
Jenny Lodge and Frank Trebble
Sue Jones and Rob Andrews
Kate Roberts and Walt Weber
Faith Cholmondeley and Nick Vann
Jill Corr and Andy Gordon
Peter Taylor and Jackie Stone
Where are they now?
Sadly, we have to report the deaths of several friends:
Charles K Francis Brown
Gwyneth Walker
Ken Hewis
Paul Tamblin
Tony Cumming
Clive Foster
David McLintock
Richard Tomlinson
Graham Williams - Brussels
Steve Breddy - Luxemburg
Tony Drapkin - France
David Newby - Austria
Nigel Brewis - Kenya
Mike Ruffel - Australia
Merrick Bryan-Kinns - Brussels
Paul Holme - Philippines
Andy Southan - Germany
Anne Bell - Germany
Usha Frances Rautenbach - Canada
Nick and Faith Vann - Oz
Continued in Academe
Professor Brian Street
Hugh Denman
David Philips
Richard Cooper
Retired, enjoying leisure
Peter Ibbotson
Keith Jillings
Missing Persons
Painstaking research with the electoral roll and the Internet continues.

If there's anyone specific you would like searched for, please ask!
(But names like Jones are a bit trickier).
News of Individuals
From time to time, we receive news of individual former colleagues - all that is fit to print, you can find on this page.